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Shoot for the stars with this totally cool rocket science kit by 4M Kidz Labs! Detailed instructions and all the materials you need are here to inspire young rocket scientists. These types of rocket kits are among our most popular science educational toys. When vinegar is mixed with baking soda inside the rocket body, a gas called "carbon dioxide" is formed. As the chemical reaction continues, more and more of the CO2 is produced inside the rocket. When the rocket body can no longer hold the gas being produced, the only place it can escape is through the bottom of the rocket. The result is "thrust" which forces the rocket to fly upwards. And guess what? This is the same principle of motion science as a real rocket demonstrating Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Motion. This amazing science toy flies up to 50 feet high! This is a great way to participate in a fun learning project with your future scientist!

Science Kit includes: 1 fun rocket science booklet with detailed launching instructions and safety rules for rocket launching, 1 transparent rocket body (15cm when assembled), 3 rocket fins, 1 connecting ring, 1 launching station pad, 1 funnel for loading the baking soda, 1 measuring spoon baking soda and vinegar are required to perform the eruption and are not included in this kit.

Instructions are in English, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish! Recommended for ages 8+ with adult supervision or 14+ without.

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