It's Pinewood Derby Season!

Pinewood derby is when kids race wooden blocks on wheels held in with nails.  It is as simple as that.

An activity endorsed by Boy Scouts of America, this activity is suppose to help foster a relationship between a child and a family member or mentor.  Let's hope it does just that.

Since its inception in 1953, Cub Scouts have been racing and refining their little wooden cars across the country.  Basic kits literally include a wooden block, four regulation wheels and four nails.  The rest is up to the imagination.  Although there are endless designs and supplies for Pinewood derby enthusiasts, additional supplies you will want to have at the ready are:

Sanding sealer, otherwise known as dope

Paint and clear coat


Upgraded wheel, when allowed


Sanding sealer.  This is important so that the wood's grain will not show through the final paint layer.  It also helps to keep the wood from absorbing all the colored paint.  At least two layers is recommended.  More may be needed.  Tip: It is important to let the sealer dry overnight.

Paint and decals.  These help to show off your person sense of style.  Add a nice clear coat finish for that "show room" gloss that everyone is looking for, and you and your child will be fighting off the paparazzi.

Why Weights?  The car is required to be under 5 ounces, but if it is too light, you won't get enough speed.  Hence, weights.  There are stick ons, glue ons, and even some you can insert into the body of the car.  If you want to win, weight, weight choice, and weight placement can be the key factor!

Wheels.  Some packs require regulation wheels, while others are more lenient.  Check with your pack to see what guidelines your troupe follows.

Check out this Boy Scouts of America sponsored page for tons of information:

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