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The German Jagdpanther is regarded by the ordnance experts as one of the best tracked weapons systems during the World War 2. The awesome Pak43/3, L71 88mm gun was mounted on the proven Panther medium tank chassis. The gun was installed into the box shaped superstructure which used thick steel armor of 80mm at the front and 50mm at the sides. These frontal and side armor plates were effectively inclined to obtain an improved protection. 

Product Feature:

  • 1/35 scale model kit
  • Highly detailed model kit of the SdKfz 173
  • World War II German tank destroyer commonly known as the Jagdpanther ("Fighting Panther")
  • low-profile body and the same deadly long-barreled 88 mm gun as the Tiger tank
  • bolted-on steel band around the main gun mantled 
  • fitted with a Pak 43/4 88 mm main gun
  • kit comes with 1 tank commander figure and lots of accessories

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