1:25 PORSCHE 914/6 2'N1

$ 25.99 
SKU: 4378


Product ID: 85-4378

Skill Level: 3
Scale: 1/25
Length: 6-1/4"
Width: 2-3/4"
Height: 2"
Parts: 97

Standout sixties six-cylinder

In collaboration with Volkswagen, Porsche developed the 914 to expand their lineup in the late sixties. It was a sporty mid-engine care that was exceptionally low slung and came with a Targa top. The standard 914 came with a 4-cylinder engine while the 914/6 was powered by an exceptionally robust 6-cylinder. The 6-cylinder version won topped its class in the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans and placed 6th overall. Either version was sophisticated, sporty, and stylish. This kit features factory stock and road race versions, detailed 6-cylinder engine, removable Targa top and engine cover.

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